For Agencies

“I’ve been working in or with agencies for more than 20 years, strengthening their strategic and creative capabilities, clarifying and developing value propositions, so that they can create and deliver clearer and more compelling messages for their clients.”

Adding value to your agency offer, stimulating intelligent interaction with your clients and delivering better results

For most briefs and most clients, it’s obvious what the value proposition is that needs to be communicated. But sometimes, just occasionally, the proposition is unclear; either because  the client is finding it difficult to clarify and communicate, or your client services team are unable to extrapolate it from them? When that happens – I can help.

I use a proven process for clarifying and defining value propositions. I can facilitate meetings and workshops for you and your client, or for your internal teams, that will clarify, define and articulate the ‘customer benefit proposition’ – answering the question ‘what’s in it for me’. From this process, I can also develop a clear articulation of the core ‘sales messaging’ which will set clear communication objectives and guidelines for designers and writers; and ensure that all materials to be produced are on message.

The process is stimulating and energizing for both clients and creatives. It gets to the real essence of why a customer should buy and the value a brand represents. And, most importantly, it enables you to deliver clearer and more compelling messages for customers.

The process can also be offered to existing clients as an objective and stimulating opportunity to review their overall business or brand propositions; identifying whether there is a need to redefine and develop their proposition to make it more compelling or communicate it more clearly. As well as being an additional revenue generator, it is inevitably a rewarding and bonding process for clients, and always brings client and agency teams closer together.

Brand, Marketing and Communications Strategy

I also support agencies by providing strategic thinking that adds weight to creative solutions. My strategic support includes:

• strategy to support new business pitches & presentations

• writing strategic marketing & communication plans / proposals

• brand positioning - incl. brand portraiture and brand value propositions

• market positioning - incl. SWOT analysis and competitor review


If you would like to find how I could help you win new business and create additional revenue opportunities from existing clients, then I would be happy to talk to you and see if there may be times when my expertise might add value to your agency proposition.


NB. I can also provide training for your creative and account management teams to understand value propositions, and how to use them more effectively.


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